Our Supporters

Leadership Saskatoon would not exist without our broad network of community support.


Sponsors and Friends

Our program is funded by tuition fees, donations, and sponsorships provided by employers and other community-minded businesses and organizations. We gratefully acknowledge the support of our sponsors and donors, without whom this program would not be possible.

Current Sponsors and Friends

Facilitators and Coaches

We are greatly indebted to the professional learning facilitators who have donated their time and their skills to developing and leading our program. It has truly been a collaborative program that lives and breathes the values we hold dear.

Current Facilitators and Coaches


Leadership Saskatoon has enjoyed remarkable support from a cadre of community leaders who act as mentors to the participants in each year’s program. This mentor relationship both enriches the opportunity to draw learning from the program experience, and provides a link to new and different elements of the community.

Current Mentors