Leadership Saskatoon COVID-19 Advisory (March 13, 2020)

Dear Participants, Volunteers, Alumni and Friends of Leadership Saskatoon:

In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation in Saskatchewan we wanted to reach out to our stakeholders at this time. Many of our alumni are on the front lines of the community response to this issue and we want to extend our support to all of you.

Leadership Saskatoon will be proactive in mitigating the spread and severity of the disease and we encourage all participants, volunteers, alumni and friends to join us by practicing good hygiene, self-isolating as necessary and following the current facts and directions being provided by our emergency management organizations. Every organization, business and person can play a role in helping keep us all safe.

For the remainder of our programming year we will be making decisions about the continuation of events such as challenge days, meetings and lunch & learns based on the most current information available to us. This may mean the postponement or cancellation of these events and/or a shift to remote delivery of our programming/meetings where possible.

We will strive to ensure that all participants are informed of changes well in advance of the events they are scheduled to attend. It is our hope that there is minimal disruption in Leadership Saskatoon programming.

For participants currently in our 10-month leadership program, we’d like to reassure you that the program attendance policy will be adapted to accommodate this situation. Your safety and that of our staff and volunteers is our priority. As usual, we will continue to be in ongoing contact regarding plans for upcoming challenge days. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We extend our heartfelt support to the leaders who are navigating this challenging situation. Make good decisions, stay safe and stay connected. Situations like this are why we work so hard to build community.

Sheri Hillestad Smith
Executive Director, Leadership Saskatoon

Kari McCaffery
Board Chair, Leadership Saskatoon

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